Media: Carly Rae Jepsen and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra


Carly wrapped out an absolutley magical night yesterday. Those that were lucky enough to be in attendence witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime performance of some of Carly’s greatest songs backed up by a full-blown orchestra!

Unfortunately, there was no stream available (official or otherwise), so that means once again we have to rely on clips from Instagram and Twitter. Below are some of the best clips and photos we’ve been able to find. Most of these photos and video are taken from Instagram. For the sake of a cleaner layout, credit is given through their usernames found in the filenames of these images/videos:

  1. travelling_mike_17_6_2017_20_35_8_379
  2. ricky_pecora_17_6_2017_20_32_21_754
  3. mewasser_17_6_2017_20_39_31_494
  4. melberrie_17_6_2017_20_25_4_471
  5. leemarrero_17_6_2017_20_31_54_357
  6. kaviddim_17_6_2017_20_43_4_550
  7. johnnyoatley_17_6_2017_20_26_27_861
  8. javsin_17_6_2017_20_29_29_675
  9. handrolia_17_6_2017_20_33_52_556
  10. gullsong_17_6_2017_20_21_48_735
  11. emersondkm
  12. bradbrisco_17_6_2017_20_17_43_49
  13. bonjovirens_17_6_2017_20_30_44_890
  14. bitchouttaorder_17_6_2017_20_31_28_641
  15. adambmusic_17_6_2017_20_40_55_95
  16. a.farley_17_6_2017_20_39_5_881
  17. itsjustoriena_18_6_2017_4_42_17_123

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