Watch: “Now That I Found You” Music Video


Carly spoke to MTV about the idea and inspiration behind the music video:

“I still wanted the videos to represent real life in a weird way, and I’m not saying I have 100 cats and I sing to them,” she continued, “but I will say that it felt like a proper progression from ‘Party For One’ that it’s not just about a boy, but it’s about a cat.”


The feline in question, by the way, is Shrampton, who also appeared in Tegan and Sara’s “Stop Desire” in 2016 and indeed had his own crafty table on set. With Jepsen in the vid, Shrampton has a proper blast, tripping out on some catnip (“a late-night idea” meant to evoke the wonderfully cosmic Cats on Synthesizers in Space account), getting immortalized in a painting, and even updating the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s ending with a bit of a twist. The idea originally came from Jepsen herself, who had a new cat pal enter her life around the time she prepared to record the song’s vocals.

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