ET Interview Reveals That Carly is Officially Single


In a recent ET article about Carly officiating Alex/Tony’s wedding, they revealed some interesting details about her love life which was taken from an interview  in July:

Earlier this year, ET caught up with the 31-year-old on the set of her music video for “Cut To The Feeling”, where she dished about her own love life after she was spotted wearing a ring on that certain finger.


“I always forget that that’s what that finger means,” she said, and then joked about the size of the ring.

“I mean if this is what my husband got me, we’re gonna have to go back and get a new one.”


So, is she off the market at all? “I’m not engaged. Not even a boyfriend, meh,” she said with a laugh.


But she’s definitely looking. “I’ll know when I see it,” she added

Just as a sidenote, we have a policy of not commenting or reporting on Carly’s relationships or personal life outside what has been shared publicly by her or her friends. Personally, I try to stay away from the gossip side of fandom unless it relates to her music.

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