UPROXX: Every Potential Song Of Summer 2017, Ranked


Uproxx.com ranks the top 20 contenders for “Song of the Summer”:

#9. Cut to the Feeling


Carly Rae Jepsen is a completely misunderstood natural resource. It’s like folks think A+ pop miracles grow on trees and a truck full of “Run Away With Me” or “I Really Like You” could easily jackknife in front of their house. If that was true, why did Katy Perry’s last album stumble so badly? (And I’m one of those folks like goes to bat for Katy Perry!) [Editor’s note: Me too, usually]We’re being spoiled rotten is what I’m getting at. The former Canadian Idol bronze medalist has blessed us with another song that gets in the brain and consumes the heart all with an appropriate thump of technicolor. “Cut To The Feeling” is a propulsive sort of number that has this aura of junior high romance, but emotions of grown-ups aren’t really all that different. Only the heartless can’t feel pulled in by this cut’s gravitational pull. You certainly could do worse for meticulously crafted pop that makes you feel all sorts of ways during your August wheelings and dealings. What’s wild is that “Cut To The Feeling” is “leftover material” from 2015’s E•MO•TION gussied up for the still-to-arrive animated movie Leap! These are the scraps for goodness sake. Scooter Braun needs to be imprisoned for war crimes (or at least scolded) for botching that last album rollout. Whatever, this ruuuuuuuuules. F*ck it, I might have to run through a sprinkler to this a couple times before Labor Day. Dan MacRae

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