Popfools: “Do yourself a favour in 2017…”


Yes, it’s 2017 folks and here we have a new review of Carly’s 2015 album, “EMOTION”:

Emotion Square 2940704This is storytelling for a generation who have an attention span of flies, 10 second SnapChats and 140 characters being the order of the day. Who still buys albums these days, let alone consume them as they were intended to be consumed? Streaming has put paid to that. Nonetheless, it is rewarding and enjoyable to scratch deeper than the veneer of ‘perfect pop princess’ which may often – unfairly – be applied to Carly Rae Jepsen and discuss the artistic merit which lays underneath. Certainly, any artist who records over 200 songs for an album, and deliberates for years over which ones to include, deserves some serious plaudits and not to be discarded in the manufactured pop trash heap (along with The Cheeky Girls). This is intelligent pop. This is moody pop. This is emotive pop. This is ‘EMOTION’. I guarantee if you invest time in ‘EMOTION’ it will be repaid to you. It will enhance your life. For the good. -Popfools

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