Is Carly Hinting at a Neon Aesthetic for Her Next Album ?


Ever since Carly went blonde back in January, there has been a certain style change in her Instagram photo postings. Several of them are featuring brightly lit neon signs. Some fans have noted that she may be hinting at a certain look for her next album. Below are the photos in question, all of which happen to be in the LA area where she resides:

Neon signs, once a staple in metropolitan Americana, have largely died off today but were still popular in the 70’s during the Disco-era and into the 80’s. Perhaps Carly is drawing inspiration from contemporary artist Doug Aitken (99 cent Dreams)  and the resurgence of neon as an art form. Or could it be that she’s channeling her inner “Electric Youth”, ala Debbie Gibson?

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Or this could be much ado about nothing and that these photos only show that that David, her photographer boyfriend, has an affinity for framing neon signs as backdrops. Besides, Carly definitely wouldn’t be the first short-haired blond pop star to use neon signs to convey retro imagery…

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Whatever the case may be, her fans are  excited to see what other looks come next.

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