“Cut to the Feeling” Music Video is Released, But Is There More?


Carly released the music video today, but at just over a minute long, its got everyone wondering if this is just a preview and if we will get a full version… I mean, what kind of music video starts off at the bridge?

Further adding to confusion and speculation, Regal Cinemas posted a slightly longer version (20 seconds longer) on Youtube which included the beginning part of the song:

Interestingly enough, the music video looks similar in conept to the “Your Type” music video which was also directed by Gia Copolla. The video transitions from a “glam” Carly with a dress and shiny socks to a “grunge” Carly with everyday clothes. However, in a music video this short, the concept is not nearly as fleshed out as the “Your Type” music video. This leads me to believe that a full version will be coming out shortly. Let’s hope im right.

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