Charli XCX On How She Met and Got to Work with Carly Rae Jepsen

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Tell me the story of how you connected with Carly Rae Jepsen.

I met Carly through [PC Music’s] Danny L Harle because they did a song together. We were in L.A. and they had this PC Music night, which was pretty wild, actually. But Carly came with her parents [laughs], so we were all watching the show together. It was funny: Carly and her parents at this one table, me and all my friends at one table, then Tinashe and all her friends at another table. We were a gang. But I met Carly and her parents, and they were so sweet and obviously I’d been a fan. I have a lot of friends who’ve worked with her — Rostam, Ariel [Rechtshaid] — and since then, we kept bumping into each other. My friend and close collaborating partner Noonie Bao had been writing with her a lot and Patrick Berger as well, who I work with a lot. I went over to Carly’s house for some party that she had and we just connected.

We spoke about this tweet that had gone viral of a picture of me, her, and Lorde. Our fans wanted us to make a song together. Then we got drunk and spoke about all these ideas we had about making a whole album together. One day, she was in the studio with my friend Justin Raisen, and I went down there. They had been partying and we were just gonna have a jam session, but she’s really fun as a person, and she has so many ideas and is a really creative and wonderful songwriter. So when I did this mixtape, I hit her up, saying, “Is this the time?” And she said yes, so I sent her the song [“Backseat”] and she was into it, wrote her verse, came back to me, and I loved it.

Are you involved in her next album?

I went to one session, but I got there really late at midnight, and I guess everyone had been partying. So I wasn’t really on their wavelength. We recorded vocals for like an hour, just a constant flow of craziness. I don’t think she’s gonna use that publicly, but it was fun. I would love to work on stuff for her. –Dee Lockett

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