Carly and Kimbra Instagram Stories Fuel Collaboration Rumors


Carlyraejepsen 3 4 2018 8 5 39 594 3892236It all started with a simple little teaser photo over the weekend showing the two together with Jack Antonoff. But then recent Instagram story posts from both Carly and Kimbra clearly show that they got together and recorded something in the studio (Jack’s home studio). One video from Kimbra’s story show Carly laying down some vocals. The following day, Carly’s posted up a video of Kimbra recording some vocals of her own (though this one had no audio):

For reference, take a tour of Jack’s studio in this video:

Unsurprisingly, this left fans wondering if the two are collaborating on a project together. Is it a duet? Whose album will it be on? Many fans noted that it is unlikely to be for Kimbra’s album, given that her album is due to be released very soon.

Some have even suggested that it could be for an all-female Bleachers cover album, much like “Terrible Thrills, Vol.2” which Carly was involved with. That record was a companion album to The Bleachers first album “Strange Desire”, a tradition that started with Jack’s previous band, “Steel Train” with their last album. It would not be surprising then that Jack would release a “Vol.3” companion for last year’s “Gone Now” which Carly was also a part of.

However, the most obvious speculation is that they are working on something for Carly’s upcoming album. Carly hasn’t been shy about her love of Kimbra and her music. She gushed about the New Zealand singer in a recent interview with Charli XCX and proclaimed her fandom in an old tweet where Kimbra replied back in kind. Of course, another possibility is that Kimbra and Carly are working with Antonoff on two separate non-related projects. Regardless, we’ll be anxiously waiting to see what comes out of this.

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