Carly Interviews Danny L. Harle for Nylon

Articles had an interview with Danny L. Harle where Carly came up with the questions. Here’s an excerpt:

Nylon Danny 5522455That’s so interesting to me because music is hand in hand with how I connect to my emotions. What song would you say has affected you the greatest?

Philip Glass’s five-hour opera, Einstein on the Beach. Specifically the last act—it’s called “Knee 5.” I literally have never listened to that piece of music and not cried.


Danny, I think we’re breaking through to your emotions here. What does it do to you?

It’s one chord sequence with really simple arpeggios going over it, with these two stories being told simultaneously and people singing the numbers over the music. It must be some weird mathematical code for emotion-forming.

Carly recently worked with Danny L. Harle on his recent EP, helping to write the track, “Happy All the Time”.

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