Carly Performs at The New Yorker Festival + Excerpts from the Interview


Carly also performed Run Away With Me and I Really Like You. Here’s some snippets from Instagram:

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The performances were proceeded by a live audience interview with Amanda Petrusich. The following are some excerpts as reported by New Yorker Live‏ on Twitter:

“I’ve had a fascination my whole life with love.” — @carlyraejepsen tells @amandapetrusich


Each time @amandapetrusich names one of @carlyraejepsen‘s songs, the room erupts with applause.


“I like the magic of driving towards the studio and not knowing what is going to happen that day.” —@carlyraejepsen on her process


Does @carlyraejepsen ever get writer’s block? “No, but that doesn’t mean I never write bad songs.” 


“I’m probably about eighty songs deep for this next album.” —@carlyraejepsen


“I think you write so smartly about sex.” —@amandapetrusich tells @carlyraejepsen


Does @carlyraejepsen like L.A.? “I made a pact with a friend to start saying we love L.A. then maybe we’ll start to believe it.”


“I want to believe New York is love at first sight and L.A. is sort of a slow burn.” —@carlyraejepsen


How does @carlyraejepsen explain her appeal to gay men? “I do not know how to explain it but I will say it’s the gift of my life.” 


What does @carlyraejepsenthink of @tomhanks? “He’s amazing. He’s exactly like you want him to be. He’s the father we all want.”

Some additional reporting by @MarcusJonesNY:

“I never run out of ideas and I never stop enjoying it”- @carlyraejepsen on how she never gets writers block


.@carlyraejepsen first reached out to Dev Hynes because of how much she liked the sound of “Losing You” by @solangeknowles


@carlyraejepsen described part of her new album as “understated disco” and there were at least 2 people yelling “yaaasssss”


@carlyraejepsen also said she’s into making “music to clean you house to”


When asked about her huge appeal to gay men, @carlyraejepsen called it the gift of her life


@carlyraejepsen said she’s working on a orchestra in Vancouver and might have fans vote on what songs they want arranged #TNYfest


Also, @carlyraejepsen revealed the first person she asked to be in the “I Really Like You” video was Bill Murray

“You’ve done more for music than The Beatles” -a @carlyraejepsenfan at the Q+A portion of #TNYfest

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