Carly Rae Jepsen’s synth-pop goes symphonic with the TSO

Articles give’s us some insight into Carly’s TSO concert this Saturday in an article that included an interview with Carly and the concert’s composer, Christopher Mayo:

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Your Type was already ready: for the gala, he’d stripped away the song’s dense production to its basic parts, adding back familiar flourishes like the chorus’s recurring synthesizer hook, replaced with swipes of violin. Some of the proposed setlist simply made sense with an orchestra; anyone who had a functioning eardrum in 2012 knows Jepsen is no stranger to synth strings.


Others in her catalogue, such as Boy Problems, proved more difficult for Mayo. Its funk-style slap bass was a few notes too low to translate. “Orchestras can get really muddy and unresponsive down there,” he says. “The problem with a lot of pop music is really the focus on super, clear, loud, low bass frequencies; you just can’t really access that stuff in the same kind of way. … If you stick it on a bassoon, it’s not the same thing.”


Jepsen’s synth-pop catalogue, he says, lends itself well to an orchestra – especially compared with guitar-focused songs, which require translating strummed sounds into sustained ones. Each song with the TSO will get its own treatment: some more faithful to the recordings, others blown up and rebuilt. And each is a chance, Mayo says, to cast new light on the melody and lyrics, finding fresh nuance. “The direction the production took them is not the only direction they can go,” Mayo says.

One interesting part of Carly’s interview is where she acknowledges the rumored album title which had been previously debunked:

Curious fans who used song-naming app Shazam to hear it found a treat in its metadata – that it purportedly belonged to an album called Spread Love.


Music-news sites everywhere held it up as a sign of a new Jepsen album.


“That’s a surprise to me,” she says, laughing, though the idea of spreading love, she guesses, “is a good message.”

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