Red Bull: 10 Best Carly Rae Jepsen Songs


Red Bull wrote up an article on Carly’s top 10 songs. Cut to the Feeling made it to #2. Can you guess which one was #1?

2. “Cut To The Feeling”


The tacit message of “Cut To The Feeling” was a smug, JAY-Z-style flex. Carly Rae Jepsen, still gearing up for her third album, drops an all-time smash under the banner of a French computer-animated film soundtrack. In a moment where she couldn’t be less incentivized to give us her best, she ratchets up to a million. So many people have sung about dancing on rooftops, cuddling in beds or cutting to the feeling more broadly. But Jepsen always manages to take you a little bit higher.

Based on what we can see on her Instagram, she is a known Red Bull lover. Hopefully, Carly can get a Red Bull sponsorship out of this!

Carly performed at a Red Bull sponsored concert last year which featured Danny L. Harle.

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