Photoshoot Day In Dubai for Cosmopolitan Middle East


Just a day before she is scheduled to perform at the Fiesta De Los Muertos Music Festival, Carly has been keeping busy on a shoot for Cosmopolitan Middle East. Below are some behind-the-scene shots:

Photos sourced from the Instagram accounts of lucywildman1, zaidjab, cosmopolitanme, carlyraejepsen, theuddalife, aography, ysmin_lamiya, and kikomilanoarabia

  1. theuddalife_26_10_2017_9_56_46_765
  2. theuddalife_26_10_2017_9_56_34_373
  3. mr.hugsy_26_10_2017_9_55_36_310
  4. ysmin_lamiya_26_10_2017_9_54_5_190
  5. ysmin_lamiya_26_10_2017_9_53_59_174
  6. ysmin_lamiya_26_10_2017_9_53_38_734
  7. ysmin_lamiya_26_10_2017_9_53_27_806
  8. ysmin_lamiya_26_10_2017_9_53_13_599
  9. ysmin_lamiya_26_10_2017_9_52_49_551
  10. carlyraejepsen_26_10_2017_5_47_31_674
  11. carlyraejepsen_26_10_2017_5_47_38_26
  12. ysmin_lamiya_26_10_2017_13_14_19_981

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