Media: Carly Rae Jepsen at North Avenue Beach and The Chop Shop in Chicago


It was an amazing day for the 500 lucky fans who managed to RVSP and snatch up VIP tickets to watch Carly perform a full set at for M&M’s Spotlight at The Chop Shop.  They were the very first to hear her perform “Cut to the Feeling” live! Below are some of the best photos and videos I’ve been able to find on Instagram!
NOTE: All rights belong to their respective Instagram account owners . Their usernames are credited in the filenames.

Carly taking photos with fans who came to North Ave Beach to score free VIP tickets:


Performing at The Chop Shop:


Some short video clips throughout the day:

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  2. hannahlee60_12_7_2017_2_34_25_430
  3. mmschocolate_12_7_2017_2_48_15_600
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  5. mmschocolate_12_7_2017_2_48_32_503
  6. mmschocolate_12_7_2017_2_48_45_95
  7. al.gz_12_7_2017_3_1_15_737
  8. amanda_ella_12_7_2017_3_0_14_290
  9. ariel.png_12_7_2017_2_38_7_564
  10. ariel.png_12_7_2017_2_38_16_580
  11. ariel.png_12_7_2017_2_38_23_684
  12. ariel.png_12_7_2017_2_39_37_52
  14. carriemucha_12_7_2017_3_3_26_281
  15. cheekyeats_12_7_2017_2_59_31_3
  16. esppresents_11_7_2017_18_46_10_925
  17. hisnameismario_12_7_2017_3_8_36_822
  18. idearmo_12_7_2017_3_6_8_620
  19. jkopeny_12_7_2017_2_53_43_44
  20. jokescheidel_12_7_2017_3_2_19_56
  21. kristine1021_12_7_2017_3_17_38_697
  22. mattyghosst_12_7_2017_3_1_5_545
  23. mattyghosst_12_7_2017_3_5_22_360
  24. mikedmajer_12_7_2017_3_10_14_502
  25. palmares_12_7_2017_2_32_6_991
  26. peteryoshimi_12_7_2017_2_57_50_243
  27. rivka.yeker_12_7_2017_2_56_49_676
  28. tkjr007_12_7_2017_3_3_36_192

And finally not ONE, but TWO full videos of Carly performing “Cut to the Feeling” for which I am VERY grateful for!

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