Target Mysteriously Removes “It Takes Two” From Streaming and Digital Downloads

Is this the end of the line for “It Takes Two”?

Well after just two months of release, it looks as though Target has removed all signs of the song from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music and digital download outlets such as iTunes and Google Play. Last week, Target also removed the “It Takes Two” music video and behind-the-scenes featurette from their Youtube channel. It is unclear at this time why this has happened. Although the remake had received some harsh criticism from hip-hop purists, it was moderately popular amongst streaming sites, garnering millions of listens.

One theory is that, like with most commercial ad campaigns, it is being phased out while another one takes it’s place. Unlike Gwen Stefani’s 2016 song “Make Me Like You”, whose music video was produced in collaboration with Target, “It Takes Two” was written and produced exclusively for Target. As such, Target presumably owns distribution rights for it.

Another possible reason is that the song had been taken down due to copyright or other legal reasons. However, this seems unlikely since there had been no reports of litigation from those involved with the original 1988 classic or from any other parties.

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