Carly hosts a listening party with friends! #CRJ4


Normally, we don’t comment on or post Carly’s Instagram photos (no point in it since we have Carly’s Instagram feed on the right side of the page), but this photo teased by Carly below is significant as it could be a sign that her upcoming album is almost finished!

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Some interesting things of note in this photo:

  • Her laptop screen presumably display the song names. Unfortunately, the photo is slightly too blurry to make any of them out. Queen of Teasing her fans!
  • We see her friends Jenna, Alex, David Larkins (her boyfriend or ex?) and what looks like her brother Colin at the end of the table. David also shared this photo with us on his Instagram Story.
  • For some reason, there is a blond wig on the table. It’s possible that this has something to do with the change in her hairstyle/color.
  • Cool antler candle-holders! Also, some of you more astute Jepsies may recognize the wood table which was made for her by her uncle Steven.
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