is Currently on Pause, But Will Be Relaunched


As you may have noticed, I’ve stopped updating this site awhile ago. There are two reasons for this:

  • With Carly’s new album finally out, I no longer have the time to upkeep this site with the barrage of news that come with an album launch and all the promotional activities and touring that come along with it.
  • A vast majority of fans are getting their news from social media, particularly through places like Twitter and so a news focused fan site is rather redundant and frankly often not up to speed with the crowd-sourcing power of social media. I am only one person after all.

Therefore, I plan to relaunch this site in the future as a media site that will include my collection of Carly related videos and photos that amassed over the years plus any new ones I come across.  I have a thing for sourcing media, ripping video/audio, taking photos/videos at concerts, and enjoy sharing these with other fans, so I feel that this is one area where I have something to add to the Jepsie community. You can check some of my recent Carly related uploads on my Youtube channel.

In the meantime, please visit me and other fans on our Discord server where we discuss all things Carly!

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