2 New Songs Pop Up on ASCAP Titled “For Sure” & “The Tide is High” (Actually, make that 3!)


It looks as though Carly’s new album is starting to take shape. Two songs have recently been registered on ASCAP: “The Tide is High” and “For Sure”. The songs are co-written with Patrik Berger and Jonnali Mikaela Parmenius; both known for their work with Charli XCX and Noonie Bao. Berger most recently worked with Carly on “Trouble in Streets” for his group BC Unidos.

Based on writing credits, it does not seem like “The Tide is High” is based on the Blondie track of the same name, although it could possibly be an ode to it or it may just be a temporary name.

UPDATE: We missed a 3rd song on there called “You Were My Party“, also co-written by the same team. Mysteriously, we’ve also discovered that “Real Love” (a song co-written with Carly’s boyfriend, James Flannigan) had been unlisted at the same time that these 3 songs were registered.

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