ET: Cut to the Feeling Music Video is Coming Out Next Week!


ET.COM revealed in an exclusive interview with Carly that the music video is coming out next week. Carly also revealed some details about the video and her upcoming album:

640 Carly Rae Jepsen 484754678 300x169 2297483The 31-year-old singer invited ET to the Los Angeles set of her new music video, “Cut to the Feeling,” where she gave us the exclusive first look ahead of its release next week.


“[It’s] a very casual, fun, silly rehearsal day,” Jepsen gushed as ET’s Sophie Schillaci arrived to set. “You’re getting to actually [see] my fake band as well. My real band boys couldn’t make it down, so it’s all my friends.”


Although she has yet to debut the music video, Jepsen says she’s already received so much love from fans on social media since the track dropped in May. Many of them have created their own versions of what the music video should look like.


“I love that creativity can spread like that,” she says. “There was a gentleman on the plane who did this lip sync version and he had this great, big beard. He did it so theatrically and I just loved it.”


In addition to Leap!, Jepsen has also been busy working on an “experimental” new album. She tells ET she’s already written over 60 new songs!


“I don’t mean experimental as in, like, experimental jazz,” she jokes. “No, it’s just where I’m open to not defining what I’m making. I tease that I call it songs to clean your house to.”  -Desiree Murphy

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