Danny L. Harle replaces Carly’s Vocals on “Happy All The Time”. RIP


File this under #NotHappyAllTheTime..  It has been reported by a fan from Australia (who is among the first to hear it) that Danny replaced Carly’s vocals for “Happy All The Time” with PC Music alumni, Hannah Diamond*. It was assumed by me and many others that Carly would remain featured on the song, as it was the version that Danny often played during his DJ sets leading up to his EP release.

*Correction: the singer’s voice for the new version is uncredited on Spotify, so we cannot confirm at this time who the actual singer is. The report of “Hannah Diamond” is based off of one fan’s assertion who was one of the first to hear it. More likely, it was sung by Pawws Lucy  who was credited as having worked on the EP or past collaborator, Raffy.

The snippet of Carly’s version, which came from “Danny L Harle’s Diplo & Friends Radio 1 Mix“, can be heard here:

The move to replace vocals on tracks is not unprecedented for Danny. Just last week, he released the lead single for his EP,  “1LU”, which originally featured Phoebe Ryan (who also co-wrote the song). Her vocals were subsequently replaced by relatively unknown singer, Eyelar. The original track can be heard below:

RIP to all the Danny L. Harle tracks that could have been….

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