Max Landis Releases a 150-Page Document about Carly’s Discography


Writer/Director Max Landis’s recent 150-page ode to Carly has been making the news and social media rounds lately, much to the delight and confusion of fans and non-fans alike. It is a manifesto-of-sorts which claims to extensively prove a specific pattern in Carly’s songwriting for every song she’s made. He titles it “A Scar That No One Else Can See”, a lyric from Carly’s “More Than a Memory”. You can read the document on his website. He has even made a PDF file so you can read it on your Kindle and other mobile devices.

Landis even went as far as to make this promotional video for it:

I’ve yet to read more than a handful of pages, so I can’t really give an opinion on it. However, the first review has come out from which describes it as “brilliant” and a “masterwork of bizarre storytelling”. Even Anthony Fantano , Youtube’s most popular music critic (theNeedleDrop), has shared his perspective on the piece in this video:

Writer and Director, Max Landis, is  most notable for writing the film “Chronicle”. He is the son of famed director Max Landis who has directed films such as The Blue’s Brothers, American Werewolf in London, Coming to America, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video).

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