Cut to the Feeling Gets added to BBC Radio 1 (UK)!


There have been questions on whether or not “Cut to the Feeling” would be added to radio at some point. Well now it looks like, at least in the UK, this has happened.

As PopJustice reports:

‘Cut To The Feeling’, the song which Carly Rae Jepsen consigned to the Jeppo Song Mountain when she compiled the ‘E•MO•TION’ album, the song WHICH WAS THEN LEFT ON THE REJECT HEAP when she whacked out that album’s accompanying b-side collection, the song which Jeppo didn’t even release as an international iTunes bonus track, the song which she basically left for dead in a bucket on the hard shoulder of the pop superhighway, and the song which has only now been released on the soundtrack of an extremely bad looking film, has been serviced to UK radio.


Radio 1’s Greg James has made it his Song Of The Week. This means it gets one play every single day this week.


Which also means that even if no other DJ ever plays this song in the UK, it will have achieved almost half a dozen plays on national UK radio.

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