Elite Daily: Carly Rae Jepsen Shares Behind The Scenes Look At Her Upcoming Album


Elite Daily has a fun interview with Carly. They talked about wide range of subjects including making that song choice for #CRJ4,  working with Patrik Berger, spontaneously kissing a boy, how she got her hairstyle,  and finally, John Mayer.  Check it out!

Let me tell you, Jepsen is awesome. She’s every bit as nice and bubbly as I imagined she would be and I can’t wait to hear more of her new music. When I asked what sort of sound we can expect from her new album she told me:


It’s a good question because I have so many different songs, I don’t know how to talk totally about the album yet. I haven’t sort of picked what songs are making the album, I definitely have my favorites.


I wanted to know the most spontaneous thing she’s ever done, and her story literally gave me life. 


I one time — throwing it way back — I one time kissed a stranger without actually really talking to him first. I was at a bar. It was St. Patty’s Day. Everything was green, I was with my girlfriends, and I was doing that thing where you kind of play eyes at someone across the room … [My friend] wanted to go and I was like, I feel like I didn’t even get a chance to talk to him. So I went over really quickly and was just like, ‘Hey, I know this must seem weird, but I have to go now so I’m just going to kiss you and leave.’ So I did.

Actually it was a little bit of a romantic story at the end of the day … I was playing a show [in Vancouver] and I put up all these posters around my neighborhood and he saw the posters and recognized me and came to the show. So we ended up having a little date.


….Fascinated by her spontaneity, I asked about her exciting new look and the drastic hair change. She said,


The reason I have short hair is actually kind of funny. I was getting my hair dyed in time for the Target commercial and we dyed it from black to blonde in one day. I went to run my hands through my hair and just … some of it came out. So, let’s go for a pixie cut!

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