Carly Rae Jepsen at the Symphony Is the Pinnacle of Classical Music


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As a music fan, you sometimes wonder if the album or artist that you champion as good is actually that good. It often feels that way with Carly Rae Jepsen; that a small circle of peers or close friends, like you, love the way she sings over bubbling synths and triumphant sax but no one else really does. Jepsen’s jubilant sophomore E-MO-TION was released two years ago to critical acclaim but little fanfare on the charts, which is likely one the biggest mistakes millennials will ever make. You wonder if she is, or maybe that record is, solely reserved for critics to revere. And yet, on Saturday night at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, you’re proven wrong by the thousands of genuine fans who showed the hell up for Carly Rae Jepsen at the symphony…


….The idea came from last year’s Polaris Prize Gala performance when she did an extremely pared down version of her song “Your Type.” On the phone from Venice a couple of weeks before the performance, Jepsen told Noisey that at the Polaris Gala, Mayo did a “sort of did a string quartet version of “Your Type.” She added: “We just felt like it changed the song in a way, like we have this new melancholy and sadness to it that the pop version.” Jepsen’s music, like all the best pop, doesn’t convey emotions straightforwardly. Instead preferring to treat them as multifaceted entities, which is also what classical music sometimes does, making this pairing symbiotic.


-Sarah MacDonald and Phil Witmer

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