Carly to do a Q&A On Facebook Live: Presented by M&M’s


*UPDATE* M&M’s Facebook page has confirmed to us that the Q&A Livestream will start at 6:15pm Central Time (4:15 PST / 7:15 ET).  So that you don’t forget, we recommend that all fans follow their Facebook page and set ‘Notifications’ to ON for ALL LIVE POSTS to be notified of the livestream through your app.

On July 11th, the date of her M&M’s Spotlight concert, Carly will be doing a Q&A on Facebook Live. Those of you that want to submit questions should be using #ASKCARLY on Twitter or comment on this Instagram post.  The time of the stream has yet to be announced, but it will most likely take place on M&M’s Facebook, so be sure to visit the page when it happens!

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