J-14: Carly Rae Jepsen Chopped Off Her Hair Totally on Accident


Previously, Elite Daily touched upon the subject of Carly’s hair. J-14.com now has a new exclusive interview with Carly where she revealed more details about it:

Carlyraejepsen 19 7 2017 1 23 16 527 2772755Carly exclusively explains, “As wavy blonde as I could go was the vision for me.” But things took a slightly different turn. In one day, Carly dyed her hair from deep black to electric blonde. When the dye was complete, she then ran her hands through her hair. To her surprise, part of her hair literally fell out!


Whereas many of us might have legit screamed, Carly took it all in stride. She recalls, “Everybody was laughing hysterically, and I was like well I guess I’m gonna have like a boy haircut — cropped and short. Very very not what I expected, totally different. It was a surprise to me, as well as anybody else!”


Ultimately, Carly ended up being really into her new ‘do, but that didn’t happen overnight. She tells J-14, “I wouldn’t say that I loved it right away, but I wasn’t upset. I was just kind of laughing and saying, ‘C’est la vie! OK, it’s gonna be short!’”


The whole fiasco actually happened at a perfect time. Carly was set to leave on a trip through Italy for three weeks by herself and was super psyched about the idea of going incognito! She explains, “The idea of being a little bit more invisible than usual was really lovely for me. So I felt a little bit less recognizable, and that felt really exciting too.”

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