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Img 20170525 101153 8507626So how is your Memorial Day weekend so far? Well, if you’re a Carly fan, probably pretty damn great.  I’m still getting over the high  (not that i’d want to) but almost as satisfying is getting to read all the online buzz surrounding the song. Despite being a surprise release and the recipient of virtually no promo or Beiber/Tom Hanks, it has enjoyed a peak position of #22 on the iTunes US charts (so far as of this writing). Most sites seem to agree that the song is a strong contender for “Song of the Summer”.

Popjustice liked it enough to make it their song of the week:

……This beautiful, magnificent song. This song that could and will prompt a thousand summer dancefloor stampedes. This song whose chorus could raise the Titanic from the sea bed. This song bursting with a natural luminescence so intense that it would shine bright in a Vantablack pop dungeon. THIS SONG was cast aside on multiple occasions. We don’t know what Carly Rae So-Called ‘Jepsen’ thinks she’s playing at but if we ever find out there are other songs like this in the ‘E•MO•TION’ scrapheap we will go absolutely ballistic.

Like-wise Pitchfork followed suit, proclaiming it “best new track“:

Pop music is one of the truest ways to access those moments where “your frame of reference is shot and you are temporarily the most suggestible person alive,” as the writer Durga Chew-Bose describes it. That’s where Jepsen gets you. Maybe that makes her a meta-popstar, crafting music that celebrates pop euphoria while striving to attain it at the same time—and mostly succeeding. Regardless, it’s a good week to hear it.

Noisey says that It’s “the song we needed today”:

In Manchester, that sense of safety was intruded upon, but to me, songs like “Cut to the Feeling” feel like a reminder of its power….. Pop music might help those who were hurt by what happened, wherever that hurt lies, to heal in some small way. And both the genre itself, and the poptimism that surrounds its euphoria, is a defiant example of how an artistic expression can speak to our hearts.

In addition, Carly’s been getting some positive reactions and shout-outs from her peers on Twitter:

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