Carly Possibly Performing in January with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra?


UPDATE 2/28/18 : The concert has been confirmed to take place on June 25th!

It looks as though Carly may have inadvertently let some loose some information about a performance date in January with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra!  This information comes from Thomas Dutton’s Instagram story which recorded Carly and Lonnie in mid-conversation. (Thomas and Lonnie are the musical duo that make up Cardiknox)

Here is the conversation which I’ve transcribed to the best of my ability:

Carly: “…out on Vancouver with the Vancouver symphony”
Lonnie: “aaarghOH MY… OKAY, we HAVE to go to that..”
Carly: “It’s in January”
Lonnie: “OK, we HAVE to go!”
Carly: “That would be amazing, we could time it and go to Taquina (sp?)
Lonnie: “Done!… Done and done! Like, i’m sorry.. It just seemed way too incredible; like I was dying that we weren’t there.. (Likely referencing Carly’s concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra)  

Here’s the video if you’d like to hear for yourself:

In addition, a couple weeks earlier, a fan asked Vancouver Symphony’sTwitter acount if they would please ask Carly to perform with them and they teased at possibly it happening:

What do you think? Are these details enough to confirm the event? Either way, I’m pretty optimistic about it!

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