Behind the Scenes of the TSO Concert via Vanessa Heins


In addition to all the great photos from fans last night, Carly’s photographer gal pal, Vanessa Heins, came through for us with beautiful behind-the-scenes shots of Carly before the concert.

She also shared a few videos with us via her Instagram Story including one that displayed Carly’s’Happy dance”:

  1. vanessaheins_18_6_2017_2_32_39_454
  2. vanessaheins_18_6_2017_2_36_30_971
  3. vanessaheins_18_6_2017_2_36_44_396
  4. vanessaheins_18_6_2017_2_36_57_76
  5. vanessaheins_18_6_2017_2_37_10_531

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