‘Carly Rae Jepsen says she has already written 80 songs for her next album’


From thisinsider.com:

59dbbb8c7d246b49008b4682 750 563 6458388“Being 80 songs, it could be a lot of things,” said Jepsen when asked to give an update on the album. “At this point, it’s about kind of choosing them and polishing it and getting it to a place where I can feel the order makes sense.”


That sounds like a lot of music to wade through. But Jepsen said she wrote over 200 songs for “Emotion,” some of which ended up on her equally excellent “Side B” release.


As for the tone of the album, Jepsen shared a few influences.

“I was really highly attracted to this understated disco,” said Jepsen as she was cut off by a round of cheers and applause. “In going into the studio sometimes I would realize that, ‘Oh, I wanted disco, but I’ve made a mambo.’ So, I’m not really doing any disclaimers about what this is going to be, because I think it’s got different flavors in there.”

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