ELLE: Carly Rae Jepsen Shares Her Summer Playlist


Elle.com has an interesting article up which features a recent interview with Carly. Here’s an excerpt:

Landscape 1499899767 Gettyimages 4654513221 1337940Are you in the studio these days?

I am yeah! I kind of live there actually, but in different places. I did a lot of writing for this upcoming album in Stockholm, because I’ve met a lot of writers there that I love and collaborate well with. And then again, in L.A. there’s a great community of people. So it’s kind of fun to be experimenting—I’m about 50 songs deep and figuring out what I wanna do. And part of the reason why I think [the M&M’s Spotlight] show is pretty special is we haven’t been doing a ton of gigs. This is such an intimate setting here at Chop Shop.

You’ve already written 50 songs? Didn’t you write something like 250 songs for your album ‘Emotion’?

Yeah…I went a little insane with it. [laughs] I think songwriting is probably a lot more simple than you think. I think that anyone really can write songs, it just takes having an idea and a feeling and chasing it, and you can learn more about it. I think that’s why I go to so many sessions. It is a craft that you can learn from other people. I find it to be the most fascinating thing. So I write a lot, yeah!

You can listen to Carly’s playlist that she made for ELLE below:

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