Another Song is Released Bearing Similarities to “Run Away With Me”


This week, another song  bearing a resemblence to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Run Away WIth Me” has been making the rounds in the Twitter-sphere. Many Carly fans noted that FO&O’s  “So So Good” featured pulsating beats/instrumentals that almost seem to be lifted from “Run Away With Me” and the song contained a chorus share a similar cadence. FO&O is a Swedish based group and the song was written and produced a Swedish team. Similarly, Jepsen’s song was co-written by a team of Swedish writers and producers as well (although not sharing any of the same people). Listen below:

Again, Perez Hilton (a noted Carly fan) chimes in on the matter:

Back in March, we reported a similar issue with Amy Guess’s “Late Night”. Upon discovering the similarities, Guess contacted Carly’s label and her EP was subsequently taken down. She would later go on to re-release her EP, minus the track in question. Although the similarities in FO&O’s song is not quite as blantant as “Late Night”, it is not unclear whether or not it will suffer the same fate.

As with anything that has to do with music and drama, the folks over at ATRL has already started a thread about this.

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