Details Revealed About Carly’s Song for the Film “Teen Spirit”

Articles described in a recent article how Carly’s song “Wildflowers” was chosen for the film:

… Now Minghella (the film’s director) just needed to find the original song that would represent Violet’s first hit, to play over the film’s end credits. He unsuccessfully had waded through approximately 500 demos by various songwriters before (Jack) Antonoff saw a rough cut of Teen Spirit and came to the rescue. “I wanted it to be the kind of song you hear once and download immediately,” says Minghella. Antonoff offered him “Wildflowers,” an unreleased song he had written with Carly Rae Jepsen. “He played it to me over his phone, but instantly I could sing the chorus,” recalls Minghella.


“The song is about breaking free from a bad relationship,” says Jepsen. “I had looked to place it on my last album [Emotion], but it never quite fit. I love Elle singing this — she gave new meaning to it.” –Phoebe Reilly

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