Cut to the Feeling Debuts at #42 on the Billboard Digital Sales Chart


“Cut to the Feeling” made it to #42 on the Billboard Digital Sales Chart

Cttf Billboard Debut 1184997

The song missed the Billboard Hot 100, presumably due non-existant radio play. It is unclear on whether or not “Cut to the Feeling” was ever submitted to radio.

However, we have reason to believe the song was not added to radio:  Martin Garrix x Troye Sivan’s “There For You”, which debuted on the same day, was able to chart in the Hot 100 despite being outsold in sales by “Cut to the Feeling”.  Since the Hot 100 is based off of sales AND radio play, the radio airplay of Garrix/Sivan’s song likely gave it the advantage on this chart.

Fret not, because there is evidence that Interscope Records has started promoting song, including a paid (Sponsored) advertising spot on Instagram (see below). This promotional push makes us hopeful that the song will be (or has recently been) added to US radio stations.


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