The Knocks worked on a new song with Carly Rae Jepsen


Since Carly’s Nicaragua trip last summer, it had been long suspected by some fans that she would be collaborating with one or more of the artists that were on the trip with her. One of those were The Knocks, who’ve previously collaborated with her on “Love Me Like That”. The duo, known for their unique EDM fusion of funk and disco, would seem to be a prime candidate for Carly’s upcoming disco-inspired album. In a recent article, The Knocks confirmed that they’ve again worked together during the trip. Here’s an excerpt:

Theknocks 4541629Okay, first order business….Ms. Carly Slay Jepsen. You guys are two-for-two on blazing tracks with her. So, I just have to know, what’s she like to work with? Any future projects you can spill about? B–We were definitely fans of hers before collaborators and the way that whole thing happened with her is actually a really funny story. We had done the Bootleg Remix and then we noticed she posted it on Twitter. A bit later on down the road we made the “Love Me Like That” record which was written by Martina from Dragonette. We had done the whole song and were like, ”This sounds like it could be a Carly Rae Jepsen song..this is so perfect for her to be on it.”  It was a long shot because we didn’t have any connection to her at the time, but we had just gotten hit up about the bootleg by her label about making the remix official and her manager contacted us to get the parts. When we met up, we were like, “hey, we’ve got this song that we’d love to feature Carly on, we think it’s perfect for her and right up her alley.” We didn’t think it was going to happen but we got an email back two hours later and she loved it. Jay wasn’t able to make it out, but I flew to L.A and did the session with her and it was fucking awesome. It was a dream, but just the way how it was an idea in our head and it worked out so well. And we’ve stayed close, I went to a writing camp with her in Nicaragua and worked on her song that’s going to be in her new record. She’s like our homie now, she came out and played with us at Governor’s Ball. Carly is rad. -PATRICK DEMARCO

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